Higher purpose (poem)

How do you fill that void within you?

That emptiness?

In this world, this new world, long since drifted from the past,

a great many people unwittingly destroy themselves

in an effort to fill that void,

a passive existence of routine destructiveness,

severing the ties that bind, each adrift.

The hollow existence of consumption is destruction,

every casual drink to unwind, every snack to satiate,

each and every flashing, arresting stimulation leaving one in a stupor

is destruction.

If we were to see ourselves,

to pause and see things as they really are, as a whole,

how ashamed we would be.

If the privilege of boredom,

which the devil so cunningly arranges,

were replaced by that which humbles us,

we would be as mountains, steadfast, unmovable,

no longer that gaping void to fill,

all is changed, life takes root,

blood begins to pump with purpose around the body,

the cold pallor fled, the unspeakable has emerged,

Glory to God!

The debasement of human relations

A whole generation’s understanding of what it means to be social is being reduced to a relentless, pavlovian system of abstract connectivity which amounts to a barrage of inconsistent visual and aural stimulations, a system in which people have invested all their heart, hope and ego, a system upon which they are utterly dependent, and yet this is considered progress?

The economic and political order on which modern society was constructed killed off the tribal/clan/family based society, which was not based upon self-interest, it was based upon the common good. This system could only be born if the shared religious/mythological/supernatural worldview was eroded. And so a tyrant was born, the false-self, something which our ancestors and eternal truth demands we each, as individuals slay.

Life springs its lessons upon you (poem)

No names, nor their works shall endure,

the quest for remembrance is itself impure,

for our sojourn here is all too brief,

acceptance of transience awards greater relief,

how comforting to the soul it is to know

that though with pride we overflow,

human thoughts be they loving or wise,

are but drops in an ocean of immeasurable size.

A source of great evil (poem)

Around him all is still,

the air hangs quiet,

the four walls mock him

as they repel his well-rehearsed outbursts.

A face that would be a face…

if it were not so often a mask

of contorted features, a history untold.

What has his brows knit so?

What makes that mouth crook?

Surrounded by a peaceful, obliging calm

he is enraged, it is coaxing him.

Like a cooking pot left alone,

bound to boil over.

It is easier to see differences (poem)

Tears make their way down his face

while in solitude he trembles,

having been deemed ‘other’, the boy

was excluded from the human experience.

Something runs through him, a questioning

of that admiration for adults he was imbued with,

those adults who ran this world, those words were theirs.

At all times, there is a face wet with tears, somewhere.

Tears make their way down his sister’s face,

she places her head on his shoulder, a ready pillow.

The tears and the trembling have scarcely subsided.

The cycle of demarcation must end,

consolation is not consolation.

There are two paths in life

There are two paths you can take in this life, one of fear and one of fearlessness.

The first path is very like the existence of a control freak who is so afraid of anything outside their delicately constructed understanding of reality that they will hold on to this world they have constructed at all costs, anything perceived as different, as being outside their construction is a threat. Sanity hangs on a precipice.

That which may possibly separate  their understanding of the world, from that breast to which they eternally cling is met with hysterical suspicion at best and bitter resentment at worst, it is outside the confines of the circle which has drawn itself around them. The saying ‘people fear what they don’t understand is very apt here’.

The road less traveled in our society is the path of fearlessness which bravely anticipates and even trusts that which lies beyond the confines of the circle, there is no evil, dark, obscure force lurking in wait for them. The ‘other’ is not one to be feared, but a human to be learned from and lived alongside. The path of fearlessness gives us the humility that our understanding of the world is at best incomplete, if not flawed, is it not radical humility to take the step in opening up to the experiences and ideas of others?

The Quest of truth can only be pursued beyond the circle which is drawn around all humans. Truth and profound understanding is concluded by the individual with courage, humility and compassion.

Colonising Mars is a death sentence

Colonising Mars is not an act of self-sacrifice but an act of sacrificing others and the Earth in order to fulfill vain, jaded utopian ambitions. National Space programs are a broad attempt to dominate and exploit resources in the broadest possible sense. Observation of the universe through astronomy is a respectable pursuit which if done which a sense of awe and mythological reverence. However our increasingly globalized world is founded on the notion of consumption and commodification. This reveals itself in human attitudes toward the natural world, as something to be dominated and exploited.

Money being poured into these projects is immense, and it reveals how out of touch a particular class of people in the first or developed world are with the very real immediate dangers such as starvation, malnutrition, homelessness, drug addiction and displacement that the majority of people are facing on earth, and I say earth instead of ‘this planet’ because this is the only world we have and the moment we accept the narrative that there is more than one world in which we situate ourselves physically and psychologically, then the value of earth is immediately diminished by virtue of there being an alternative environment or resource for human life.

The neglect of the crisis we face as a species in favour of egotistical ventures intended to dominate and manipulate the solar system is the most selfish course of action a conscious adult could make. It is rooted in a desire to dominate nature and bend its fixed laws to individual human will, the idea that creation is there for your needs only, to serve you, on your terms. The commodification of the natural world (of which we are a part) is the ultimate act of violence and its guarantees our destruction.