Echo of a maxim (poem)

You have pitted us all against each other,

against any sense we envy, worship & trample one another,

the illusion of your necessity fools many,

some so well fooled as to covet every penny,

let it be know by all,

let it be confessed,

let this long obscured demon be pierced by the light of day,


Gnawing ad nauseum at human tethers,

the dove is shot in flight, blood and feathers,

manifest misery…..

Norwegian Doctor working in Gaza provides some context

Norwegian medical doctor, Dr. Mads Gilbert who has worked in the Al-Shifa hospital in the Gaza strip is interviewed on BBC’s Hardtalk, he provides some crucial context to the ongoing the situation in Gaza, context which largely absent from media coverage, the BBC as with innumerable other media outlet control the parameters of debate and discussion carefully, this ensures that the typical viewer is going to come to appropriate conclusions, but perhaps more crucially their emotions and sympathies will be manipulated to the desired end, how the interviewer approaches the issue and controls the debate speaks for itself, without further adieu:Dr. Mads Gilbert on BBC Hardtalk

Wisdom Lost in a World of Information

Where is the sensibility?

Where is our wisdom?

It has been lost amid a world of data, a society, a machine which would combust without information, we ask for information, we want to be informed, our minds of polluted with information, we are not permitted to escape this sphere of endless symbolic stimulation, mental manipulation, the machine, the combine, the system, call it what you will, it is not neutral, it encroaches upon everything, it has declared all its own domain, c’est la technique as philosopher Jacques Ellul described.

How can our inner voice of conscience compete with the incessant, tempestuous waves of INFORMATION, the war against human wisdom which passes down through generations has long since begun, it is a daily war for the human soul, and remember this too….information does not mean truth. The Cult of Information, read and listen to Theodore Roszak (1933-2011) He was a voice of wisdom in this electronic, mass-media age.

The Machine

Organised violence, insatiable greed, accumulation,

days pass for most in quiet desperation,

Power-worship, objectification, a mockery of hope,

promises of a better tomorrow, bodies hung by rope,

state execution, torture, this type of society ought not to last,

generations of trust in leaders, always hopeful, no link to the past,

Broken homes, broken dreams, the death of irony,

invention of vocabulary, pay and thank the mercenary,

Uniformity, assimilation and a threat so incessant,

to question is daring, move on, swallow another antidepressant

Mercantilism, monopolies, limited liability,

violence of finance considers no human fragility,

Crowds, cities, yet isolation,

nervous breakdown, innocent hope crushed in frustration,

Faceless, beauracracy, centralization,

efficiency rules all wave goodbye to human relations,

Homelessness, human trafficking, prostitution,

suspension of disbelief, another day’s labour the solution,

Cultures of silence, atomic bombs of science,

try to mute the news while you join the queues,

Worship the pay, get a chance to play,

soon to realise that which you truly despise

more than the impotence before a self-perpetuating machine,

is a lost life, who you could have been.