Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing (poem)

Woe to those who shut their eyes and cover their ears,

They number beliefs and fabricate fallacious fears.

Tell me then with that smile so endearing

of what shall become the child you’re rearing?

Who would have thought such a venomous sting

could be such an innocuous sting?

Lofty words, unlived all the same,

In the end you’re playing the obedience game.

It struck me profoundly some years now past,

that my obedience to flesh and bone always comes last.

Imitation of Petrarch (poem)

How graceful thy step yet elusive all the same?


Such radiance dethrones all else in my sight,


How enamoured I become with the sound of thy name?


A day’s darkness obscured by a face so bright.


In solitude does my longing greatly ferment,


for time is precious little on earth,


simply in sympathy cracks the hourglass by daily increment,


all is manifest before me in the open hearth.


Yet this mere kindling is subject to my hand,


with wood, coal and poker in my possession,


While over the heart’s holy affections have I no command.


I ask thee maiden before I make too bold a profession,


to spend with me what’s left of the pouring sand,


I pray these words hold as a mutual confession.


Communication, Love & The Posthumous Battle Between Dead Poets and Hollywood

Society is becoming more and more centralised, technology dependent and is fundamentally dominated by a rigged game of money lending, which is played every morning by about 12 inhumane, superficially respectable, hereditary monopolists.

It seems human relations are becoming increasingly impersonal, abstracted into some network or other. One hears nice fuzzy terms like ‘connected’ all the time, yet the darker reality is persistently evaded and you can see the most addictive aspect of technology, immediacy, ever manifest in people. Communicating with loved ones living elsewhere illustrates the beneficial side, I have no doubt that every day between the chaotic flow of life in the ‘civilized’ world, a mobile phone or internet connection might really make a positive difference in life.

It does come at price however, a whole generation is becoming unable to communicate outside a thread bare virtual network, only feeling comfortable communicating impersonally, after all… posting a comment or sending an email is more convenient right? Yet there is a price to pay for this enveloping network, face to face communication, the essence of human contact is being pushed out of the picture, there are more consequences for this than many care to realise, on people’s mental and emotional states.

If human communication is reduced to impersonal networking, do we not expect human life to become devalued in the process, the fate of so many is determined daily in so many ways by beauracracy. Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and everyone around you communicated by sticking up post-it notes against doors, on furniture to communicate….what’s missing there? I don’t need to tell you.

So what does love mean if anything in 21st century civilization?

I say it is damn well demeaned if the world we live consists of digits on a screen, thumbnails on a friends list or most damaging of all, mass addiction to porn which is the humiliation and objectification of impoverished women, this leaves values of sincerity, equality, love, dignity, all but trampled on. Objectification, humiliation and depersonalisation is not limited to the pornography, we are invaded by and exposed to on a conscious and unconscious level, mass advertising, on television, painting the surface of the cities, art and creativity is reduced to commodity culture. The mass media, be it hollywood, t.v. series, the music industry get incredibly wealthy from our consumption of their flashy, alluring, unholy vomit, which does not hold love on any pedestal, rather bastardizes it as animalistic promiscuity or hyped displays of infidelity, the sacred is not handled with care, it is broken into shards in a battered box, while insatiable perversity when the woman held up as a hollow sculpture and the man as psychopathic hedonist where the woman is a means not an end (James Bond among other protagonists) the role model is, like a smoker in a duffel coat standing on the street corner, cool & edgey…

I believe there is something beautiful about sharing human experience with the one you love, having an other half, in whom you confide, with whom you evolve. Present infidelity as exhilrating will you hollywood? Well actually there is nothing more exhilrating than falling in love.

So in defiance of the perpetual denigration of human love and romance, in the absence of the poets and romantic balladeers of ages past who held love so high, what is there to do for those who uphold the magic and beauty of human communication? what can we do when the heart cries of something more and stirs with passion in the company of your love who is before your eyes true and glorious, splendour of God’s creation? I say turn your back at the devil’s circus and step to the heart’s rhythm.

Power worship in our time

There seems to be a natural human tendency to listen to those with charisma, some would say we need a leader (I think by now we know down what path that leads) I would suggest role model over leader, perhaps because I think more paleolithically. Charisma seems to be composed of a number of human traits: passion, eloquence, charm, magnetism among others, the latter being the most pronuonced curiously enough.

I’ve always thought charisma has been too readily accepted as something unquestionably virtuous. I’m certain you know a charismatic person, or at least someone charismatic has left an impression on you, whether you were literally impressed or were left with a bad taste in your mouth, sadly that bad taste is  generally a poison which for most slips down the throat unnoticed in lieu of being dazzled or mesmerised by a suave character.

Political figures, celebrities, those with wealth and power are worshipped by the masses, the media knows this, that we emulate those presented as successful (with flood lights following them wherever they walk) this is a great con, media moguls and culture creators know how to exploit human nature. Charisma is neither a good or bad thing, what matters is human character, a prick with charisma is just a more impressive prick. My point is that for children who live in a world flooded by media, status is a relentless motif, and you can be sure as shirley little john and sarah aren’t going to be validated for who they are as humans by the mass media matrix, who only have time for well glossed perfection. Charisma today is hard to separate from power worship.

What was once sacred

Imagine being born into a world in which the gift of love came in a box wrapped with twine rather than a velvet sash, as a gift forgotten, left under the tree, yet all the others, finely adorned have been taken, oh how they did catch the eye.

Had the gift of love been opened what teeming joy would have entered hearts.

No soul stoppped to think that the greatest of joys may dwell in the barest of boxes.

He who longs for the quiet surrender of love, the love held on high, that love enshrined by the ink of gentle men must endure a world of games and deceitful advances while he hopes far beyond the horizon with a speared side.   

True Empathy is Universal

I believe it is important to commemorate the tradgedy of Bloody Sunday, because innocent people were killed, and it is a righteous and wholly natural thing to feel empathy for the deaths of innocent people, no matter where they are in the world, what makes us human is our empathy, and that empathy should extend beyond the pain and suffering of our surroundings. I stand in contradiction to popular political etiquette and egocentrism which demands not only silence amidst suffering but demands one holds no strong feelings or values whatsoever, in the 21st century one claps when one is told. God bless all victims and survivors, wherever they are.